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Shaking Hands with Death - by Terry Pratchett

I posted this a while ago already, but the video was taken down from youtube. But since then it has been put up on the homepage of Sir Terrance - so here it is once again, "from the source" so to speak:

For more videos and everything else you want to know about Sir Terrance of Pratchett and his marvellous Discworld check out his homepage

Terry Pratchett interview on "Frost over the word"

Interestingly in itself this interview with the bestest author in the whole wide world is on Al Jazeera and not the BBC:  read more »

Terry Pratchett on Alzheimers Disease

Match it with Pratchett!

I just learned, that my all time favourite Author, the fantastic Terry Pratchett (, was diagnosed with Alzheimers.  read more »


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