Ein 1-A Interview mit Karl - interessante und intelligente Fragen und Antworten. Sehr sehenswert imo. :)

For the recent London Olympic Games cracked tasked the image manipulators to come up with awesome new sports to be added to the games next time for this article. Here's my submissions:

The first event is men's pruning - because I *love* lying in the bathtub and *hate* physical exercise:

And the second one is for animal lovers in general:

This one was done for 14 Reality Shows from Before the Invention of TV over on cracked - and made it in. ^^

Although none of these got chosen for the article I had huge fun with this topic: What if movie titles were meant to be taken literal?

The first is a little riddle - which movie might this be a scene of?

Remember the first season of Breaking Bad? Then you might like this alternative title for the series:

The first two pictures are submissions for a cracked photoplasty about being caught red handed in embarrassing situations, they didn't make the cut:

Here's a few pictures I made for this contest - cracked was wondering what was happening just outside of frame during famous movie scenes:

Conspiracies are everywhere - did the Twin Towers really land on the moon or did Nasa fake the sinking of the Titanic in a TV studio?

Do scientists worldwide conspire against us and the weather actually will be quite nice in the next century?

In this article cracked tries to find out which conspiracies are real and which are just made up (on the spot, by cracked photoplasters).

Here's my submissions:

Done for this contest.